The data in DealerNomics was prepared by BDO a global professional services firm with whom the AADA and many franchised new car dealers across Australia have established working relationships.

The model is based on a combination of publicly available information (such as enrolled numbers by electorate, new vehicle unit sales, tax and duty rates) and benchmarks developed by BDO in its audit and compliance work done with dealerships. as well assumptions which we are very comfortable with including BDO benchmarks and distribution of new unit sales by electorate. The model also makes general assumptions that:

  • dealerships are geographically dispersed based on population
  • population correlates to new vehicle sales, by electorate

DealerNomics data will be updated every six months and when required by elections. The AADA will also work to improve the data underpinning the model by undertaking further research, including a dealership census in the near future.